a small team of multi-talented creators

Timberland Pro needed to reinvigorate their lifestyle social content in the winter of 2018 and we were fortunate to be the team they selected to accomplish this production. Nick Girard & Kris Roller are the foundation of the nimble team that created this content. The duo implemented a production model where high-end meets efficiency. The model was born out of a desire to move away from the negatives of a traditional large production: slow moving and extremely expensive, while retaining the positives: thoughtful high-end content. Additionally our model recognizes the demands of social media being timely and consistent. Raised in the on-demand digital age they are rethinking the way high-end content is created. During our first year working with Timberland Pro we produced eight different shoots, delivering nine videos, and 150 photographs. We have an additional seven shoots slated for 2019 with Timberland Pro.






I am repeatedly blown away with your talents and efficiencies every shoot that we are on together. You both are helping drive the future of the Timberland PRO brand and we are excited for the continued partnership.
— ryan Murphy, Brand Marketing Manager timberland pro

The need for Lifestyle, product and social content

Timberland Pro had a need for lifestyle content (on-body) that brought to life their vision of inspiring people to get into the trades and celebrating the worker and the job they do. Timberland Pro wanted to focused on real workers, in real environments, wearing Timberland Pro products. Timberland Pro needed both photography and video assets. For the photography they requested a mix of “tight on product” content as well as “wider content” to show epic environments that these skilled professionals work in daily. They also had a need for a series of portraits to round out the content. In an effort to create consistency throughout their consumer journey they requested video assets to compliment the photography. Criteria was provided from Timberland Pro to our team that outlined specific needs for locations and talent, along with product information, deliverable details and dates. Timberland Pro provided specifics for content looks to meet there brand guidelines; for example they had a need for HDR style photo editing, which we applied during retouching of the final imagery.



Ryan and I just went through the shots to make our selects and I am just blow away by the images. You’ve done an incredible job and we’re really excited to share these with the rest of our team!
— Rebecca Conway, Senior Marketing Manager at Timberland PRO

Services provided - start to finish


  • Creative ideation and direction

  • Remote location suggestions, scouting, securing of locations and logistics

  • Remote talent sourcing, focusing on recruiting individuals who work in the field instead of models to gain a deeper and authentic connection with the content to the end user (per the client’s request)

  • Shot sheets

  • Crew sourcing for production

  • Location and model releases for production

  • Travel and logistics for crew


  • Kris and Nick play multiple roles onset to keep the entire crew footprint to a minimum, directing, producing and shooting as a duo

  • Managed a small, highly skilled, skeleton crew including a photo assistant and stylist and digital tech (crewed each shoot as needed)

  • Released talent and locations for commercial use

  • Managed time on location and relationship with location lesion

  • Creating photography and video content in tandem during the production day(s)

Post Production

  • Editing for photography and video assets is guided by creative direction outlined during pre-production

  • Provided preliminary photos for review and client selection

  • Multiple rounds of revisions included for photography retouching

  • Multiple rounds of revisions included for video content edits

  • Music licensing included with video content

Key Points

  • Our core competencies have allowed Timberland Pro to think “digital and social first” when creating content

  • Timberland Pro has a brand mission to tell the stories of real workers in the trades, bringing their stories to life in an effort to inspire others and celebrate the worker. Our partnership has allowed them to tell these stories in an aspirational and authentic manner

  • The content is helping Timberland Pro engage with their audience on social in a brand new way that their previous content was never able to do

  • The Timberland Pro audience appreciates the authenticity that this new content brings

  • Small, highly skilled, team allows for efficiency and quality

  • Photography and Videography services paired provide consistency in look for client

  • Turn key budget covers everything in production start-to-finish

  • Clear communication with client and clear mile stones

  • Flexible for different project/client needs and capable of scaling production and budgets accordingly



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