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Step up your color grading game BIG TIME with the click of a button!

This is by far the easiest way to make your footage look more professional and have confidence that your footage looks cinematic.

You can use these LUTS on any type of camera footage. Below I break down how I use each LUT and my favorite things about them.

The TurnKey LUT

This LUT is like magic for all your footage! No matter what camera footage I put this on I have consistantly loved how it looks. This LUT was created with a color checker under controlled studio lighting and it's honestly my favorite LUT I've ever made. I have no idea why this LUT performs so well across so many cameras, but it's a huge life saver and will help you save a lot of time and get amazing looking color grades.

Cinema Base

Used for a cinematic look without a fade. This is a strong look immediately with vibrant colors, but not over saturated (I personally love this on my Sony Slog footage)

Cinema Fade

Similar to Cinema Base, used for a cinematic look, a subtle teal & orange vibe, with a faded film look. The colors are still vibrant but not over saturated (again love this on my Sony SLog footage)

Contrast Clean

Looking for deeper contrast and moody tones in your video? This is the LUT for you. The contrast is strong, but still clean. This is my go-to starting LUT for my DJI Phantom 4 footage. The profile on the drone is soo flat that you need a real banger of a LUT to push the limits and get a good look. This LUT also performs well on other camera footage, like my Sony SLog footage, but I do turn the Intensity down by about 20%-30% to make it work!

Split Comp Cinematic

Looking for a classic and strong teal and orange look with a mini twist? This LUT pulls teal and orange out in a split complimentary fashion, aka it's going to make your footage look dope and cinematic. It's strong contrast and works amazing on flat DJI drone footage and also plays well with other cameras, but you might have to dial down the intensity!

Solid Start

Sony filmmakers rejoice! This LUT is for you! You can use this LUT for your SLog footage and feel confident that you have a clean skin look to start with. I use this often as a base LUT and will make minor tweaks. The final results are realistic and beautiful skin tones and environments. I definitely drop this on other camera footage to see how it plays also!

Curve Boost

This might be your new favorite LUT. It works suprisingly well to push your contrast but not to much. Your shadows are deep, but not crushed. It makes your skin tones rich but not over saturated. And deep down inside the LUT it has a nice touch of complimentary color notes that took a lot of massaging to get right. I love using this on my Sony footage but it should play nicely on other cameras with some color temp and intensity tweaking.

Zombie Life

If you want a dramatic look for your footage this is the answer. It pushes the orange strong, but still maintains a realstic look. It's built off a strong color base and pushes the boundary just enough to be exciting but not to much that it's tacky. It's my favorite LUT for horror, scary, dreary or just spooky vibes! Plus this LUT seems to perform well on all the footage I've applied it to from Sony to Canon to Panasonic.


Installing and using the LUTS is super simple (see the read me document in the download). Also adjusting the LUTS for your footage is fast and the results will make your footage cinematic and professional!

DOWNLOAD ON A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP (please do not download on mobile phone).

The download is 1 ZIP file containing 6 LUTS.