Good Frickin' Morning! Nick here and I am sharing my thoughts on if the Sony RX0 is any good for vlogging and run+gun filmmaking. I take a look at exposing video on the RX0, along with checking out the form factor, the lack of 4k, it’s low light capabilities and some struggles with auto white balance and no auto-focus in video mode. Also some notes on the tiny menu + tiny buttons and limited battery life. It’s all detailed in the video below!

UPDATE (11/22/17) - Sony is releasing a plate adapter for the front of the camera where you can mount ND Filters! This will fix the exposure problem! LINKS BELOW! Still not sure this will be a good camera for vlogging, especially if you are not more advanced with videography. But if you are more advance you could figure it out! Links below to the camera, the ND filter and the apadters!

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