Make Your GoPro Hero 6 Footage Cinematic + Review!


Good Frickin' Morning! Nick here and I have been testing the GoPro Hero 6 for a few months now and playing with the footage to make it look more cinematic. In the video below I share some tips for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro to make your GoPro Hero 6 footage look cinematic! Tips like using the lens distortion filter, warp stabilizer, letter box bars and denoising. I also review the good (waterproof, small, 4k slow motion, super slow motion, stabilization, back touch screen, internal microphone) and the bad (poor light light and bad dynamic range, auto white balance, auto shutter, freezing problems). I hope this review + tutorial help you decide if the GoPro Hero is a good fit for you and gives you the tools to make your footage look cinematic! Links to Go Pro Hero 6 + accessories below video :) If you are interested in buying the GoPro Hero 6 I have linked it below the video!!

Nicholas GirardComment