Why the Sony A7R III is GOOD for FILMMAKING

Good Frickin' Morning! Nick here and I am sharing my thoughts on why the new Sony A7R III is a good camera for filmmaking and video creation. I listed some details below the youtube video (which actually explains everything):

If you are interested in buying the Sony A7R III I have linked it below!!


The A7R III is a crusher of a photo camera and it's chalked full of new features for video:

  • Touch screen autofocus

  • Cinematic super slow motion

  • Improved electronic viewfinder (evf)

  • Extended battery life

  • Twin SD card slots for extra memory,

  • Fantastic dynamic range

  • Revamped low light performance with a high iso

  • Lovely Image stabilization

  • APS-C and Full Frame modes

  • A movie record button on the back of the camera

  • Ability to record video using the shutter release

  • A joystick for focusing on the back of the camera body

  • The back screen is nice and bright for use in full daylight

  • Sony has pushed the sensor for better image quality

  • The ability to shoot in SLOG3

If you are looking for a super combo for photo + video work this camera is an amazing option!

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