Nick is a Director + DP + Editor; working directly with agencies, internal marketing teams and productions companies.

Additionally, Nick often collaborates with other creatives either as a director, a cinematographer or an editor.

Nick specializes in Aerial Videography and is FAA certified with his Remote Pilot License (Part 107).


Whats with the name NicksFort?

"As a kid I was obsessed with building forts. They gave me an opportunity to create a special place for my friends, my family, and myself. They could be built anywhere: the forest behind our house in Washington State, the desert beyond our fence in Phoenix, Arizona, the enormous mounds of snow we tunneled through at Lake Tahoe, or even the back seat of a car during a road trip. In my life, there was always a land of forts—a place of creativity and adventure. A place where magic was possible. The name "NicksFort" originates from these times and places where imagination ran wild. Now with every project I create, I tap into that part of my life." - Nick